Maya's Place

Maya’s Place was created to pursue the dream of its owners, Michael and Skylar. Maya was their first dog together, and little did Michael know, almost 7 years later, Skylar would be bringing home 3 more dogs, 3 cats and 27 chickens. In the last decade, Skylar has worked and operated several other facilities, around the state of Wisconsin and upper Michigan. Every new move and adventure that life put them on, Maya came with. Maya went to work with Skylar almost every day. Eventually, daycare was not her thing, and she became the perfect office dog as she greeted clients, tested out new treats and helped unpack deliveries.

In the very early morning of October 8th, 2021, Maya suffered an unexpected medical emergency. She was rushed to the emergency room by Michael and Skylar and unfortunately the decision was made to let her pass. Maya’s absolute favorite thing was to chase her blue ball that Skylar got for her the first day she adopted her. She had that ball for the 6 years of life she had with Michael and Skylar. Maya is missed every single day and we are thankful for the time we had with her. We know that with every ball chased, new treat tried, and new friend played with at Maya’s place, our sweet beloved pup will be honored.

To our clients,

We are so excited and thrilled to open a facility in Maya’s name and start this new journey in Sheboygan, WI. We have staff trained in dog behavior, CPR certified and cleanliness oriented, to be able to provide the top care possible to your pet.  We also stay up to date in all training aspects, with sending staff to seminars, training expos and even online classes to stay current with certifications and the ever changing pet industry. None of this would be possible without our clients. We are so thankful for our past clients supporting us, cheering us on and sticking by us. We are even more ecstatic to greet new clients that turn into lifelong friends and have comfort knowing their pets are in the best care possible.

Skylar & Michael Owners of Maya’s Place LLC